Charleston,  South Carolina
Hanna Raskin says it best, "officially, Parcel 32 is named for the designation given to its surrounding block on an 1888 fire insurance map. Nowadays, though, “parcel” is synonymous with “whole package.” The name still applies." 
This lovely restaurant was built as a home in 1837 to Mr. Amme and his popular bakery. The story goes that he lived in the front of the house but the bakery was in the back, closer to the train station where he received or delivered bakery parcels all day. Ticket stubs from the train station were found during renovation and framed in the dining room, as well as additional artifacts. A hand painted mural of a SC Railroad Company Stock Bond was commissioned to include bakery elements to remind us of where Parcel 32 originated. 
Parcel32 has been named to @usatoday’s list of “Standout Restaurant Openings in 2018” and ​@eater_charleston’s “Hottest Restaurants in Charleston Right Now” list! 
Courtyard photo by @thebowtieagent
All interior photos by Andrew Cebulka
"​​What ultimately distinguishes Parcel 32 is that it’s the most fully realized restaurant to open in Charleston since Rappahannock Oyster Bar came to town. And on top of that, it’s terrific." Hanna Raskin, Post and Courier